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DMS Arcade

DMS Arcade

DMS Arcade
Are you searching for the grand ultimatum to dynamize your online arcade website? DMS Arcade is a powerful online game portal, promoting the most dynamic features and products to enhance staggering arcade websites with the use of the powerful DMS Arcade game script.

Aiming for improvement and success? Do you need a solid solution on how to? DMS Arcade can furnish high-quality products and services to transform your game site into “The Next Big Thing.” The journey does not end here, because DMS Arcade is dedicated to provide essential tools and some dedicated software to improve all sorts of arcade sites, to inflow constructive website traffic.

The DMS Arcade system provides remarkable skins, enabling you to transform your website background to suit your taste and style. Some of the most impressive options available include received/sent traffic tracking, link exchange management and many more.

The Member Registration feature enables users to register on your game website, send/receive messages, and create profile pages, comments tracking and management of favorite’s files. The DMS Arcade system contains SEO friendly structures, so users can enjoy website crawling from top-rated search engines.

Management of the settings is a trouble-free task and encourages speedy processes. The Advanced Caching System minimizes dramatic loads on the server, as web page caching is intermediary.

Feature Packed
– DMS V1 CMS Completely Customizable
– Powerful Smarty Version 3.# Template Engine
– Member Management System and Community
– Ad Management System
– Link Exchange System
– Game Management

Last Update – Version 2.0.2. 5-18-14

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