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Trade Arcade Pro $59

Trade Arcade Pro

Trade Arcade Pro
Feature Rich Trading Script, Trade Arcade Pro is the next gen trading script. The Most POWERFUL script that can easily double your traffic and increase your revenue!

Customizable Trade Ratio, Based on User Teir or General
Ability to Prioritize Specific Partners Through the Advantage System, Give 0-10 Weights!
GEO-Trade! Featuring the most advanced GEO trade, the only script to support GEO trade By default!
Easily add trade using Open Trade Directory, “One Click Trade Adding”
Easiest Plugging System to date, Manual adding with AJAX, ATS-Plug-Helper, EasyPlugPro and Auto-Find Plugs on sites that dont support Helper file.
Graphs make it easier for you to visualize the data
Ad Campaign managment, See which campaigns perform well!
Sell Ads for X amount of time, clicks or impressions! Powerful Ad Management System!
Real Plays, Want to send out a user after they play a game? Sure you can do that… Wait you only want to do that with Teir 1 traffic? No Problem!

Easy to customize template!
New installer / made for easy install
Admin password and secKey now both md5 for better security
Admin email in database for cronjob ECT
Change admin email via site config (admin/index.php?a=settings)
Cron file added for Cron Plug puller
Cron Plug puller Settings added to admin panel under site config (admin/index.php?a=settings)
Tag Cloud add for SEO reasons
Fixed bug in send.php file for non geo trading
Added Plugs clicks/ Banner clicks/ UV to trade admin page for better overview of your trade partners
Geo mod add for ads (so you can show certain ads for only certain tiers ie like Google ad only show to Tier 4 users)
Able to delete ad from the admin panel
Protect SPAM from Traffic Trade sign up page
Trade Arcade Pro Speed Up/Reduce 80-90% Query Overhead On Average
Trade Arcade Pro Speed Up Optimizing DB with indexes

Last Update – Version 2.1 – Released on 10-11-12

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